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single channel CAT5 Tx
single channel CAT5 Rx
1-5/6 port broacaster Tx
multi-ch central office Tx
1-2/4 splitt multiport Rx
RGB skew corrected Rx  
1-2/4 skew corrected Rx
picture offset corrected Rx
bus parallel repeating Rx  
daisy chainable repeater
high definition crosspoint  
mini passive vga BALUN

1-2/4/8 port vga-audio Tx

1-2/4/8/16/32 port splitter

1ch active video BALUN Tx  
1ch active video BALUN Rx  
long distance BALUN Tx
long distance BALUN Rx
multi-ch active BALUN Tx
multi-ch active BALUN Rx
single ch passive BALUN  
multi - ch passive BALUN
coaxial pre-post video amp.
coaxial anti-jamming amp.
coaxial mult i- ch 1-2 splitter
coaxial single ch 1-3 splitter
1ch GND loop video isolator
multi-ch GND loop isolator
1 channel DRC video amp.  
1 ch surge video protector
1 ch surge power protector  
passive RS232-485 convert  
active RS232-485 antisurge  
active RS232-485 isolator
1-2/4/8 DVI digital splitter  

HDMI/DVI CAT5 extender

1-2/4/8 HDMI/DVI splitter
1-6/8/12 YPbPraudio splitter
HDMI/DVI E.Q. switcher  
YPbPraudio CAT5 extender
VGA-AV AV-VGA convertor  
multivga card - large displayer
advertisement broadcasting
hotel -airport inform & e-board
chainable supermarket metro
long distance medical extend
high definition trade show
CCTV video & audio BALUN
CCTV GNDloop video isolation
CCTV antijamming video amp
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Field First Released: 1-2/3/4/5/6/8/16/32 Port Broadcasting VGA-Audio CAT5 Transmitter World First Released: 2-4-8-16 channels VGA-Audio Central Office Transmitter World First Released: One Line Daisy Chainable RGB Corrected Broadcasting Repeator - 1RJ45 input to 3VGA-Audio & 4RJ45 Ports Output World First Released: Mini YPbPr Audio CAT5 Transceiver World First Released: 2/4/8/16 Multi Channel VGA-Audio Centrol Office Transmitter for Multiport VGA Card Matrix Picture Working Station Field Leading Released: 16X16 32X16 32X32 600MHz High Broadcasting Mode VGA Audio Crosspoint Field Leading Released: New 4-8-16-32 Channel CCTV Passive & Active BALUN

Released 4 passive video BALUN for CCTV application - HT904/8/16/32MP
Released 2 VGA crosspoint for video conference room - HT1616/3216CP
Released 3 YPbPr Audio BALUN for game, intelligence - HT3101/3202/3404P
Released world first VGA offset correct Rx for big displayer & projector - HT1101OR
Released 3 active video BALUN Tx for CCTV application - HT804/8/16AT
Released swithable remoting receiver for video conference room -HT1001SR

Released field leading GND loop isolator and DRC amplifier- HT701GF HT712DRC

Released world first single line video/audio/kvm/uart extend solution- HT1181KVAMC
Released field leading mini VGA CAT5 extender for education FLASH -HT1001M
Released world first automatic RGB skew correction Rx for E-board - HT1101CR-2D
Released 3 HDMI/DVI splitter for high definition screen display demo -HT612/4/8
Released 2 YPbPr component video splitter for hd video equipment- HT306/HT312S
Released cost-effective 1-2/3/5/6port split broadcaster Tx - HT1101CT-2/3 -5/6
Released world first 1-4port bus parallel modeVGA repeating Receiver - HT1101RR-4
Released 2 1-2/4 port VGA-audio CAT5 Rx for media advertisement - HT1101CR-2/4
Released world first bus parallel mode 1-2 port VGA repeating Rx -HT1101RR-2
Released field leading 1-4/8/16 port VGA CAT5 split broadcast Tx - HT1101T-1/4/8/16T
Released 3 model KM KVAM KVAMC USB extenders for PC/Notebook peripherals
Released single channel active audio BALUN for sync frequence system -HT101ATR
Released world first anti-jamming E.Q. weighted video amplifier for CCTV - HT7113TR
Released 1/4/8/16 channel water-proof passive BALUN for CCTV- HT904/8/16P
Released world first VGA POE CAT5 Receiver for medical ultrasound - HT1001BTR-1P
Released single VGA CAT5 extender for E-board, media advertisement - HT1101TR
Released 1/4/8 channel active CAT5 video BALUN receiver for CCTV - HT801/4/8TR
E-Board Media Advertisement CAT5 VGA Audio CAT5-LINK Series
HT1101AT 单路VGA音频双绞线发送器
HT1101T-2/3/4/5/6/8/16AT 1-2/3/4/5/6/8/16路VGA音频分播式发送器
HT1101AR-1 单路VGA音频双绞线接收器
HT1101AR-2/4 1进2/4屏VGA音频双绞线接收器
VGA Audio Transmitter
VGA Audio Broadcaster
VGA Audio Receiver
Multport VGA Audio Rx
HT1101RR-2 总线制VGA级联中继器
HT1101RR-2/4 总线制VGA多屏级联器
HT1001M 迷你VGA双绞线传输器
HT1101E VGA长距离驱动放大器
Bus Repeat Receiver
Multiport Bus Receiver
Mini VGA CAT5 Extender

VGA E.Q. Line Driver

HT1101RR-2-4T VGA双绞线中继分配器 HT1102/4/8T 双/4/8路VGA音频局端发送器 HT10041_10082S 多路高清VGA切换器 HT1616VACP VGA音频矩阵切换器
VGA Broadcast Repeator
Multichannel VGA Tx
HD VGA Audio Switch
VGA Audio Crosspoint
HT3101P YPbPr音频双绞线延长器 HT202KM KM鼠标键盘延长器 HT501USB USB双绞线延长器 HT1180KVAM 键盘鼠标VGA音频双绞线延长器
KM/KVM CAT5 Extender
USB CAT5 Extender
KVAMC CAT5 Extender
CCTV Surveillance Video Audio Passive Active BALUN Series
HT801AT 单路有源视频双绞线发送器
HT801AR-2 单路有源视频双绞线接收器
HT804AT 4路有源视频发送器
HT808AR 8路有源视频接收器
Acive Video BALUN Tx
Active Video BALUN Rx
4CH Active BALUN Tx

8CH Active BALUN Rx

HT901P 单路无源音视频双绞线传输器
HT908MP 8路无源音视频双绞线传输器
HT101AT 单路有源音频双绞线发送器
HT101AR-2 单路有源音频双绞线接收器
Passive Video BALUN
8CH Passive BALUN
Active Audio BALUN Tx
Active Audio BALUN Rx
HT614 HDMI/DVI 1分4口分配延长器 HT712DRC 动态补偿视频放大器 HT701GF视频地回路隔离滤波器 HT7113TR音视频加权分配放大器
1-4 HDMI/DVI Splitter

DRC Video Amplifier

GNDloop video isolator

Video Weighted Amp

HOOTAC Electronics Technology is focused on innovated system technology R&D and manufacturing of VGA audio, YPbPr component video extend, video transmission,video audio broadcast splitting extending,HDMI/Display port extend, Computer Based Training-CBT &CCTV video-audio BALUN. The broad line products are all based from balanced differential UTP(Unshield Twisted Pair) amplify and equalization principle. We are one of the main video audio signal process provider in the field.
For time being, HOOTAC has serviced the video splitting -switching- transmission solutions based on coaxial, UTP and fiber cables. We released innovated world first -RGB color skew dynamic correction technology for E-broad & multimedia broadcaster, picture offset correction, bus parallel repeating receiver, one-line daisy chainable broadcast repeater and duplex fiber VOD system technology ... self owned properties. Nowadays, HOOTAC has been leading the video extending trend by experence, humanness, predication. Our goal becomes field leader of video extending products.
Actually, many engineering and installation applications are using HOOTAC products, such as multimedia, surveillance, intelligence, medical, education, military ... The HOOTAC products is getting well known brand in the field. Based on CCTV, media spreading and digital video /HDMI big successful stories, HOOTAC has been engaged to VGA/DVI//HDMI matrix high definition balanced extend technology,and multi-channel central office projects since 2006. We are combining world leading technology of - Multi Poles Balanced Equalization Extending (MP-BEE),RGB skew corrected compensation, floating ground voltage calibration(FGCVC) and wide dynamic rang correction on these projects then.

HOOTAC cooperated with Asia media leader Megavision Co., Ltd. on RGB skew corrected transmission equipment. Getting into WAL-MART K-MART supermarket

HOOTAC One bus VGA audio repeating transmission equipment gets into France Alstom Metro Co. - AGV bus on No. 4 , No. 5 , Shanghai Metro E-Board & Advertisement System.

HOOTAC dual-quad port VGA audio CAT5 Transceiver equipments were qualified by Guanglan lake - Cheungdi, the world class golf club. These equipment is working in hotel level apartment and conference room , it provide high quality, long distance transmission service and reliability guarantee.

HOOTAC 1-6 VGA audio broacaster and Mini VGA CAT5 extender working in Global Source Trade Show IIC China, Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore, Jakarta for new products multimedia demo show.。

HOOTAC Single 4 8 16 channel passive active BALUN using in Huawei terminal manufacturing base CCTV surveillance system

HOOTAC Single 4channel syncronized audio spread system using in 3-5km distance audio talking transmission system in country class, Henglong tunnel engineering






VGA Audio Conference Extend App.
Multiport VGA CO Transmitter App.
Bus VGA Repeating Receiver App.
VGAAudio Hotel Airport E-Board App.

VGA Skew Corrected Receiver
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Bus VGA Repeating Receiver
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Mini VGA CAT5 Extender
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8CH Active Video BALUN
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8CH Passive Video BALUN

16CH Passive Video BALUN
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