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HOOTAC Electronics Technology is focused on innovated system technology R&D and manufacturing of VGA audio, YPbPr component video extend, video transmission,video audio broadcast splitting extending,HDMI/Display port extend, Computer Based Training?-CBT &CCTV video-audio BALUN. The broad line products are all based from balanced differential UTP(Unshield Twisted Pair) amplify and equalization principle. We are one of the main video audio signal process provider in the field.

For time being, HOOTAC has serviced the video splitting -switching- transmission solutions based on coaxial, UTP and fiber cables. We released innovated world first ?-RGB color skew dynamic correction technology for E-broad & multimedia broadcaster, picture offset correction, bus parallel repeating receiver, one-line daisy chainable broadcast repeater and duplex fiber VOD system technology ... self owned properties. Nowadays, HOOTAC has been leading the video extending trend by experence, humanness, predication. Our goal becomes field leader of video extending products.

Actually, many engineering and installation applications are using HOOTAC products, such as multimedia, surveillance, intelligence, medical, education, military ... The HOOTAC products is getting well known brand in the field. Based on CCTV, media spreading and digital video /HDMI big successful stories, HOOTAC has been engaged to VGA/DVI//HDMI matrix high definition balanced extend technology,and multi-channel central office projects since 2006. We are combining world leading technology of - Multi Poles Balanced Equalization Extending (MP-BEE),RGB skew corrected compensation, floating ground voltage calibration(FGCVC) and wide dynamic rang correction on these projects then.


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