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VGA Audio CAT5 Extender

VGA Audio CAT5 Transmitter


VGA Audio CAT5 Spliting Tx

VGA Audio Multichannel CO Tx

Mini VGA CAT5 Extender

VGA Audio CAT5 Receiver


VGA Audio CAT5 Multiport Rx

VGA Audio Skew Corrected Rx

VGA Audio Bus Repeat Rx

VGA Audio Maxtrix CAT5 Rx

VGA Audio Split Line Driver

VGA HD Switch / Spliter

02切01 500M VGA Switch
04切01 500M VGA Switch
08切01 500M VGA Switch
16切01 500M VGA Switch
32切01 500M VGA Switch
48切01 500M VGA Switch

VGA High Broadcast Matrix

04X02 VGA Audio Crosspoint
04X04 VGA Audio Crosspoint
08X04 VGA Audio Crosspoint
08X08 VGA Audio Crosspoint
16X16 VGA Audio Crosspoint
32X16 VGA Audio Crosspoint
32X32 VGA Audio Crosspoint

YPbPr Audio CAT5 Extender

01CH YPbPr Audio Extender
02CH YPbPr Audio Extender
04CH YPbPr Audio Extender
08CH YPbPr Audio Extender

YPbPr Audio Splitter

1-06 YPbPr Stereo Splitter
1-08 YPbPr Stereo Splitter
1-12 YPbPr Stereo Splitter
1-16 YPbPr Stereo Splitter

Passive Video BALUN

01 CH Passive Video BALUN
04 CH Passive Video BALUN
08 CH Passive Video BALUN
16 CH Passive Video BALUN
32 CH Passive Video BALUN

Active Video BALUN

01 CH Active Video BALUN Tx
03 CH Active Video + Data Tx
04 CH Active Video BALUN Tx
07 CH Active Video + Data Tx
08 CH Active Video BALUN Tx
01 CH Active Video BALUN Rx
04 CH Active Video BALUN Rx
08 CH Active Video BALUN Rx
16 CH Active Video BALUN Rx

Sync. Freq. Audio BALUN

01CH Passive Audio BALUN
04CH Passive Audio BALUN
01CH Active Audio BALUN Tx
01CH Active Audio BALUN Rx
04CH Active Audio BALUN Tx
04CH Active Audio BALUN Rx

Coaxial Video Weighted Amp

1 CH Pre. Weighted Video Tx
1 CH Post Weighted Video Rx
1CH Weighted Antijamming Tx
1CH Compressed Video Fliter

Broadcasting AV Splitter

1to03Port, 200M Video Splitter
1to04Port, 200M Video Splitter
1to08Port, 200M Video Splitter
1to16Port, 200M Video Splitter
04to08, 250M Video Splitter
08to16, 250M Video Splitter
16to32, 250M Video Splitter

RS232-485 Convertor

USB1.1 CAT5 Extender
PS2 K/M Extender
PS2 KVAM Extender
USB-VGA-Auido Extender

VGA to AV AV to VGA Box

VGA to AV/SVideo Convert Box  
AV/SVideo to VGA Convert Box  

HDMI/DVI Splitter

1CH HDMI/DVI Extender
1CH HDMI CAT5E Extender
Video Baluns Application Notes
Video Transmission via CAT5 Cable
HOOTAC CAT5 Video Transceiver
  Coax/CAT5 Noise Filter

Website Position: Homepage Products Video Coax Cable Balun Transformer Filter, Video Noise Filter, CAT5 Video Noise Filter

  Video Coax Balun Filter, Video CAT5 Balun Filter   ( CCTV via Coax or Unshield Twist Pair Cable)

BALUN Transceiver Product Catalog (PDF Download)


HT7000TFLT Video Transformer Noise Filter

Video Coax Balun Filter w/DC Ground Block
Input/Output by two mini cable and BNC-F/M connector

HT7001TFLT Video Transformer Noise Filter
Video Coax Balun Filter w/DC Ground Block
Input/Output by mini cable BNC-M and screw terminal connector

HT7000TFLT-S Video Transformer Noise Filter
Video CAT5 Balun Filter w/DC Ground Block
Input/Output by two screw terminal connector

HT7000TFLT-SS Video Transformer Noise Filter
Super Video CAT5 Balun Filter w/DC Ground Block
Input/Output by two screw terminal connector


What is a ground loop?
A ground loop is usually found between equipment using standard 120 VAC power that is connected to more equipment using standard 120 VAC power.
This connection is usually audio cables and/or video cables and/or CATV cables.
Your hum problem may be originating amongst your Camera, Receiver, TV, DVR, VCR, CATV, Audio System etc.
Ground loops are often found on longer runs of cable or between equipment using separated 120 VAC outlets.
Please note a hum may originate up stream and will be propagated down stream to the last component.
Your typical stream might be a camera connected to a wireless device connected to a video amplifier connected to a switcher connected to a recorder connected to a monitor or TV.
A filter will not remove the hum once it is in the system. The filter will only work at the source of the problem.
If the ground loop problem starts between the camera and the wireless device then no filter connected to the TV will help.
In this example disconnecting the cable from the recorder to the TV will make the hum disappear but it is not the source of the problem. In this example you can test the connection between the camera and the wireless device by using an alternate source of video or moving the camera and the wireless device to a new location or connecting the power to other locations etc.

One simple test is;
Step one, disconnect an audio, video or CATV cable and see the problem clear up.
Step two, momentarily touch the outer body of one connector to the outer body of the other connector.
Do not let the center conductors touch each other or the outer body of either connector.
If the problem returns it is a good indication that this is at least one point in the loop.
Installing a filter at this point may help solve your hum problem.

Can you do some tests to your system?
The approach is to monitor the hum as you make changes to your system.
You should do the simple test above on all the wires necessary.
You will try to disconnect wires one at a time (and in most cases reconnect them) until you find a change in the hum level.
Ground loop problems are one of the toughest problems to correct.
Good luck and work safely.



  • Video horizontal & vertical SYNC signals not balanced would cause picture 'up-rolling' that happened on weak, strong differential signal into DVR, monitor or video image processing equipments.
    Other case like under long range cabling cause 'Impedance not Matching'. The video transformer filter is designed with multi- stage high common mode noise and jamming rejection, video termination and video filtering circuits for most of high noise environment.

    For Coaxial cabling transmission CCTV application, using HT7000TFLT _HT7001TFLT_HT7000TFLT-S and HT7000TFLT-SS ( Coax and CAT6 BALUN Filter) for extra interference rejection.


  • BNC male to BNC female with 165mm mini cable 15 on both sides
  • Perfect work with DVR/monitor to immunity DVR/monitor interference
  • Built in a highly balanced commond mode noise rejection of video transformer
  • Built in ground loop different DC level blocking circuit - UST1101TFH
  • video line termination and LPF video filter block circuits for 'Hum Bar' rejection, which are immune to interference from these, and other sources of noise: Data signals, other video signals, nearby power, ringing telephones, fluorescent lights, transformers, and more...

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