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VGA Audio CAT5 Extender

VGA Audio CAT5 Transmitter


VGA Audio CAT5 Spliting Tx

VGA Audio Multichannel CO Tx

Mini VGA CAT5 Extender

VGA Audio CAT5 Receiver


VGA Audio CAT5 Multiport Rx

VGA Audio Skew Corrected Rx

VGA Audio Bus Repeat Rx

VGA Audio Maxtrix CAT5 Rx

VGA Audio Split Line Driver

VGA HD Switch / Spliter

02切01 500M VGA Switch
04切01 500M VGA Switch
08切01 500M VGA Switch
16切01 500M VGA Switch
32切01 500M VGA Switch
48切01 500M VGA Switch

VGA High Broadcast Matrix

04X02 VGA Audio Crosspoint
04X04 VGA Audio Crosspoint
08X04 VGA Audio Crosspoint
08X08 VGA Audio Crosspoint
16X16 VGA Audio Crosspoint
32X16 VGA Audio Crosspoint
32X32 VGA Audio Crosspoint

YPbPr Audio CAT5 Extender

01CH YPbPr Audio Extender
02CH YPbPr Audio Extender
04CH YPbPr Audio Extender
08CH YPbPr Audio Extender

YPbPr Audio Splitter

1-06 YPbPr Stereo Splitter
1-08 YPbPr Stereo Splitter
1-12 YPbPr Stereo Splitter
1-16 YPbPr Stereo Splitter

Passive Video BALUN

01 CH Passive Video BALUN
04 CH Passive Video BALUN
08 CH Passive Video BALUN
16 CH Passive Video BALUN
32 CH Passive Video BALUN

Active Video BALUN

01 CH Active Video BALUN Tx
03 CH Active Video + Data Tx
04 CH Active Video BALUN Tx
07 CH Active Video + Data Tx
08 CH Active Video BALUN Tx
01 CH Active Video BALUN Rx
04 CH Active Video BALUN Rx
08 CH Active Video BALUN Rx
16 CH Active Video BALUN Rx

Sync. Freq. Audio BALUN

01CH Passive Audio BALUN
04CH Passive Audio BALUN
01CH Active Audio BALUN Tx
01CH Active Audio BALUN Rx
04CH Active Audio BALUN Tx
04CH Active Audio BALUN Rx

Coaxial Video Weighted Amp


Broadcasting AV Splitter

04进08出 250M 视频分配器
08进16出 250M 视频分配器
16进32出 250M 视频分配器

RS232-485 Convertor

USB1.1 2.0双绞线延长器
PS2 K/M 键盘鼠标延长器
PS2 KVAM 长距离延长器

VGA to AV AV to VGA Box

VGA to AV/SVideo Convert Box  
AV/SVideo to VGA Convert Box  

HDMI/DVI Splitter

1CH HDMI/DVI Extender
1CH HDMI CAT5E Extender
Website Position Products KVM HTDVI0104S 1to4 DVI Spltiter  

1to4 DVI Splitter




Thank you for purchasing the HTLINK DVI splitter.
The HTLINK DVI splitter/distribution enables 4 DVI-D monitors to be driven by a single PC with no loss of signal. DVI output-1 is the primary connection and is used for the main display. DVI other output follows the main display.

Modle Number

  • HTDVI0104S      High Performance 1to 4 DVI Splitter



Distributes computer DVI graphic signal to4 displays simultaneously
Accurate and reliable reproduction of digital video signal, with no signal attenuation or distortion
Fully compliant with the DVI 1.0 standard
Provides high digital resolution up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz
Full DDC2B communications are supported on Output-1.
DVI cables are used to connect the DVI input and the computers output
Installs in seconds

Note: The DVI splitter will only output a DVI-D (DVI digital) signal. If your using a DVI-I cable, it will ONLY pass the digital signal.








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